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Fanmix Mignight Sun

Yeah! My first fanmix!
I'm very worry! (:


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(Download Fanmix(rar), 47MB )

OneRepublic - All We Are
Time could tear you apart
But it wont break
Everything that you are, you are

Placebo - Infra-red
I'm coming up on infra-red,
There is no running that can hide you
Cause I can see in the dark
I'm coming up on infra-red,
Forget your running, I will find you

Slipknot - Vermillion, pt.2
I catch in my throat
Torn into pieces
I won't - No
I don't want to be this
I won't let this build up inside of me

Breaking Benjamin - You
Promise me you'll try to leave it all behind,
'cause I've elected hell, lying to myself.

Within Temptation - Say my name
Please say my name,
Remember who I am
You will find me in the world of yesterday.
You drift away again
Too far from where I am
When you ask me who I am.

Metro station - Seventeen Forever
i want to say we'll be together
but let's not ask why it's not right
you won't be seventeen forever
and we can get away with this tonight

30 Seconds to Mars - I'll attack (instrumental)

Muse- Bliss
Give me
all the peace and joy in your mind
Everything about you pains my envying
Your soul can't hate anything

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